50th Anniversary Celebration

January is the beginning of Foothills’ 50th Anniversary Celebration Year.  Each month we will have a new band for the Anniversary Band Sampler, door prizes and other activities to honor our history and our members.  Follow this page as we walk down Memory Lane of Chapter events and memories since 1972. Updates will appear monthly as the Chapter reviews the past.

October’s meeting continues with Featured Members for that month:

Featured are Teresa C., Kelly N., Jamie B. and Deb O. showing favorite pieces

September was our 50th Anniversary Luncheon at Pinehurst Country Club. Food was great and it was good to see everyone. Below are some photos of the luncheon:

Celebration Cake
Foothills Chapter EGA attending members

Featured Stitchers for August 2022:

Featured Stitchers: Joan V., Sharron R., Kathi G., Joanna L.

Featured Stitchers for July 2022:

Items displayed by featured members from the June 2022 meeting:

Items displayed by featured members from the May 2022 meeting:

Photos from 50th Anniversary items shown at April 2022 meeting:

March meeting was held again on Zoom due to Covid concerns. Sue K. did a display of many of her many Blackwork pieces and beading (1984-1988):

February meeting was held on Zoom due to snow. Below are pieces for the Feb. 50th Anniversary presentation from Bette S. (1978-1983):

Photos from the Jan 2022 meeting: (1972-1977)

*****  December 2021 *****

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