Current Programs

August 2021 – At the August Night Group time (August 11th, 7 pm), I have made arrangements to watch an hour long video with international designer Yvette Stanton. She will share her You Tube program entitled ‘A Survey of Whitework’, followed by a Q and A discussion. Yvette is known for her hardanger, Ukrainian drawn thread, and other whitework designs. Her books on these techniques are quite good. Please mark your calendar, no matter which Foothills group you normally attend, this should be a real treat.

October 2021 We will be stitching “4th of July” by Kathy Rees.  This is a canvas project.  Kathy has two 4th of July designs – this is the most recent Holiday one. Deb Ogden will walk us thru the stitches.

November 2021 Foothills “Feet” Beaded NameTag
Sharron Ruesewald has re-charted the “feet” name tag which was done some years
ago, and has beaded a new model. This will be worked in Peyote beading
stitch. Sign up will begin in Aug/Sept and continue in October. You will provide your
own materials (beads, beading thread, needles) and will be provided with the
chart. Details are being finalized at this time.

2022 – Month TBD A Color Design with Bargello, using Lorena Salt’s “Lava Flow” design.  This is a two meeting class.  The first class will be a discussion of the use of color in design, how to choose colors that work together, and how to choose colors for this piece. The second class will be stitching the piece.  We will offer the kit for Lorena’s turquoise/orange design and are working on a second color set in cranberry, green, and gold.  This class will also help you learn Bargello if you’ve never done it.  Rose Crossan will be the teacher.

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