Current Programs

Dec 2022 – Holiday Program. (details to come)

Nov 2022 – Open Stitch – help with 2022 projects.

Oct 2022 – Surface Cutwork – Cost will be approximately $20 and we will start signups have begun. See Kathi G.

Sept 2022 – No program. Anniversary Party!!

August 2022 – Cigar Box Finishing – using a needlework piece of your choice for the top. It has been decided that members who want to participate will need to get their own box, which will fit their needs. A photo of examples is below. Smoker Friendly (throughout Denver) as well as other cigar shops, has many free ones on a regular basis. And for heavier solid wood grained ones, many can be found on ETSY for a reasonable price.

July 2022 – Open Stitch!

June 2022 (sched. change) – Sashiko – see Teresa C. for information.

May 2022 – Canvas piece – Fancy Boots by Laura J. Perin

April 2022 – Shishi (see the 9/21 issue of Needle Arts)

March 2022 – No program – Open Stitch & fellowship

February 2022 – Beaded Strap (odd count Peyote) for the Beaded Nametag – This will be a continuation of the Beaded nametag project from January. Sharron will teach us the 2 needle odd count peyote stitch to use for the strap of the nametag.

examples of straps and name tags – note strap on EGA bag

Janurary 2022 – Foothills “Feet” Beaded nametag

Sharron Ruesewald, instructor. Bring your beads and be ready to get going.  The Foothills Feet name tag was designed a number of years ago. Sharron has re-charted it and added a lovely neck strap. If you did not get a materials list, please let Kathi Green know.  KaGina beads in Arvada has a copy of the materials list also. ATTN: If there is anyone still interested in getting the instructions for this project, contact Kathi G. They can be emailed to you.

50th Anniversary Band Sampler.  We will introduce the sampler concept.  Each month we will provide a chart for a new band and any other designs for the sampler (i.e. alphabet, EGA logos).  Participants are highly encouraged to arrange the bands in the order of their choice, using as few or as many as they wish – to make this a special memory of this special year.  Floss and fabric are also individual choice.  To stitch all the bands (14 including logos/personalization) on 28 count fabric, you will need fabric 12 inches wide by 34 inches long.  This measurement includes a 3 inch framing allowance per side.  Fabric dimensions for other counts will be provided in January.


2023 – Month TBD A Color Design with Bargello, using Lorena Salt’s “Lava Flow” design.  This is a two meeting class.  The first class will be a discussion of the use of color in design, how to choose colors that work together, and how to choose colors for this piece. The second class will be stitching the piece.  We will offer the kit for Lorena’s turquoise/orange design and are working on a second color set in cranberry, green, and gold.  This class will also help you learn Bargello if you’ve never done it.  Rose Crossan will be the teacher.

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