Current Programs

January & November 2020 These 2 meetings will be focused on providing help with completing projects from the previous year or the current year.  This will also be an opportunity to work on the 2019 year long project Dawn to Dusk. Teachers will be available to provide mentoring.

Dawn to Dusk done in Morning Meadow colorway

February 2020 – cancelled due to Snow storm. The following is the updated schedule for the year.

March 2020    We will be making a very simple beaded scissors fob, brought to us by Marcia M. The fob is made from 100 beads loaded onto Kreinik thread, wrapped around a base so all the beads are at the bottom, it is then wrapped at the top like all tassels are, and a loop is added to attach to the scissors, and the base is removed.  It is very simple and quick!  We will be kitting 2 colors, or you can purchase your own materials using the materials list. Kathi G. will be the teacher

April 2020     We will be stitching a towel using Huck (Swedish) Weaving.  This is a lovely design from The Nordic Needle shop and will be a complete kit. Huck works up quickly and is really fun! Kathi G. will be the teacher. The Huck Weaving class was mailed out to participants in May and is being coordinated by Kathi.

Update 06/1/2020: because of the situation with the pandemic and not having the ability to meet in person, classes for the remainder of 2020 will be moved to 2021. A specific schedule will be posted here at a later date.

May 2020   Perforated Paper on Wood Blocks: This is a two meeting class – the first for the stitching and the second for the finishing. The stitching is done on perforated paper, then attached to an approximately 4” square painted wood block with a variety of background papers, tulle wrap, ribbon, and some buttons or other goodies.  We will likely offer 6 different kits, and will allow you to purchase all 6 if you’d like. The themes will be 4th of July, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Seasons. These are designed and sold by the Craft Center for Fine Stitchery in Salt Lake City.  Final details are being made with the shop at this time. Rose C. and Kathi G. will be the teachers.

June 2020  We will be stitching 4th of July by Kathy Rees.  This is a canvas project.  Kathy has two 4th of July designs – this is the most recent one. Jeannette T. will be the teacher.

July 2020 A Presentation: Mountmellick Embroidery is an Irish Whitework technique worked on white denim. Foothills member, Jamie B., visited Ireland in 2019 and took a one day Mountmellick class with a tutor.  She will give a presentation on the technique.

Mountmellick Example

August  2020    Many of us (well, some of us) would do more of our own finishing if we were familiar with the great tools that are available.  We previously saw a demonstration of the Logan FormWorkes tool for cutting foam core, and more recently, a demonstration of cord making using your portable mixer or hand drill.  In this class, you will get to use the FormWorkes Tool and the Kreinik Cording Tool.  You will cut a piece of foam core (up to 8 x 10”), and make a 12” length of cording.  This is your chance to be one step closer to finishing one of your own projects – and be a pro at using both of these tools!! Both of these tools are easy to use and produce professional quality results. Kathi G. and Rose C. will guide you in the use of these tools.

September/October 2020      Color Design with Bargello, using Lorena Salt’s “Lava Flow” design.  This is a two meeting class.  The first class will be a discussion of the use of color in design, how to choose colors that work together, and how to choose colors for this piece. The second class will be stitching the piece.  We will offer the kit for Lorena’s turquoise/orange design and are working on a second color set in cranberry, green, and gold.  This class will also help you learn bargello if you’ve never done it.  Rose C. will be the teacher.

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